Based on a unique, patent pending CMOS compatible process, Meridian's line of low cost thermal sensors will be offered in a proprietary Wafer Level Vacuum Package. 


senXor spec 2.23.2018.PNG

SenXor™ -  Patent Pending CMOS Hybrid thermal sensing architecture & proprietary Wafer Level Vacuum Package (WLVP)

  • Low cost CMOS fabrication
  • Miniature Wafer Level Vacuum Package (WLVP)
  • No self-heating  and no shutter required
  • Smaller pixel than conventional Thermopile
  • Scalable to high volume production
  • Easy calibration
  • Low power consumption


XCAM 1.png

 A low cost adapter for your Android or iPhone that contains both a visual and thermal sensor.

  • USB Type C interface works with  Android (OTG required); coming soon Lightning connector for iOS
  • Visual and Thermal image sensors
  • Transform your smart phone into a thermal image device
  • On-screen real-time temperature measurement

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